We are proud to be hailed as “The Pioneer of AI within Education” by the United Nations

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Shaping Talent, Shaping Tomorrow

Welcome to EduBeyond, where potential meets progress.

A Solution For All Learners

No matter where you are in your self-development journey, EduBeyond is ready to help you evolve.


The Next Generation AI Platform to take your company beyond.


Introducing the most powerful AI engine in Education.

Beyond AI. Beyond the Norm.

EduBeyond's AI capabilities stand as the hallmark of our product: we provide an unrivaled degree of AI application in learning.

  • EduBeyond AI

    A chatbot that understands the way you think, and explains in ways you'd understand.

  • AI Learning Pathways

    We personalize learning to each person's strengths, weaknesses and interests.

  • Knowledge Sphere

    An AI-enabled tool that tells you where you are, and assists you to get where you want to be.

  • AI Content Generator

    Creates questions, whether multiple choice or even long answer, so you don't have to.

  • AI Auto Assessment

    We don't keyword match. We mark everything from multiple choice to long answers by analyzing a learner's logic flow.

  • AI Class Creator

    Cut down the process of class creation from half a year to half an hour.

Going Beyond For You

EduBeyond guarantees a transformative experience for not just learners, but educators and institutions as well.

We make learning fun yet rewarding.

Learning today can be a bit mundane. We’ve changed that by making your learning align to who you are.

We believe in the human element of teaching.

To maximize your work, we automate all non-instructional tasks, thereby allowing you to focus on what matters most: nurturing minds.

We unlock your full potential.

We empower you to set the trajectory of your employees, and elevate your company, one person at a time.

Our Experience

Kick-Off Consultation

Before personalizing EduBeyond for you, we want to understand your situation. What are some challenges you experience, and how can EduBeyond allow your organization to go beyond?

Edu-Beyond the Surface

Explore the full-capabilities of our technology. See how we've aligned our technology to different use cases, and allow us to do the same for you.

EduBeyond For You

Experience our solution for yourself. Work with the EduBeyond team to craft an ideal platform tailored to your preferences.

EduBeyond in Application

Witness the learning transformation. Expect improvements across your organization, whether it's a sales team or a classroom. Furthermore, continue to count on EduBeyond should you need any support.

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